Types of Abuse

Rape and sexual assault are serious offences that are primarily motivated by power and control in which sex is used as a weapon. These crimes are an expression of anger and power and attack not only of the survivor’s physical being, but also their personal integrity.

However, society’s persistence in false beliefs about rape and sexual abuse continue to make it difficult for people who suffer these crimes to seek help or to report the assault.

In our experience and as our statistics show, anyone, regardless of age or circumstance may be the target of sexual violation. Survivors often torment themselves about what they may have done to contribute to or invite the assault, when in reality they did nothing, because the perpetrators choose to assault, no one chooses to be assaulted. Only the person(s) who commit the crime are to blame, it is their choice and therefore their responsibility.

We acknowledge that although the majority of survivors are female, males are also subject to sexual assault. We also acknowledge that whilst men perpetrate the majority of sexual offences, accept that women also abuse.

Swindon Sanctuary is resolute in that the blame and responsibility for any sexual violation lies with the perpetrator and that, no matter what the situation, nothing ever justifies this crime.

If you have suffered any form of sexual violation whether as an adult or as a child and are having difficulties in dealing with the effects, perhaps talking to trained support workers in a safe and confidential environment will be of benefit to you. Gaining a better understanding of how your experience has affected you in your life, may help you to move on to lead a more fulfilled life in the future. Please get in touch with us.

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