Young People

Young people are our future and are the only resource we know which, if nurtured well, will increase in value.

Following discussions with survivors, teaching staff and young people around the issues relating to violence of all kinds it was agreed that an educational approach was well over due. In order to fulfill this need we carry out awareness talks with 5th and 6th year pupils and have an ongoing project with younger pupils in high schools throughout Forth Valley.

It is every young person’s right to live without fear, without intimidation and without the threat of violence of any kind. It is time to encourage the young to speak out and to speak to one other to ensure the young people of the future are more able to live a safe, happy and fulfilled life. 

We need to speak to young people before they embrace and adopt the negative attitudes of their peer groups and hope the long term effects will be: less violence due to more tolerance and the acceptance of responsibility, less drug use, fewer criminal activities, fewer social work referrals and fewer mental health problems.